Are You Loved Or Just Less Annoying?

The goal in every business should be to create products and services, a brand, a company that people love. If people love it/you, they'll forgive a lot. They'll talk about you to their friends and even people they don’t really know. They'll promote you and recommend you. Continue Reading

Get a team around you

If you think you are going to build anything more than a huge workload of which 83% doesn’t get done because you are doing everything yourself and working on your own, then think again. Continue Reading

On-time Delivery with Quality and Cost Effectiveness do not make a USP

Among the plethora of email pitches this morning in my inbox was one that claimed their USP was “On-time Delivery with Quality and Cost Effectiveness”. I cringed, made a mad dash for caffeine and deleted without reading. For most people I probably don’t need to say this as you are already nodding in unison, so let’s hold hands and say it together “On-time Delivery with Quality and Cost Effectiveness do not make a USP”. It does demonstrate a company that doesn’t understand that such features are less than the price of entry for business today, even in an industry that Continue Reading

Stop pitching or keep on swinging and missing

Stop pitching me and start your approach by asking yourself how you can add value to me before you reach out. I receive pitches daily from people peddling their services and wares. Nothing wrong with marketing your stuff, its the mechanism by which we spread our message. Just chose your marketing method, respectively platform, to suit the audience, or as my father once told me you cut the cloth to suit the man … no he wasn’t a tailor. My outlook on this and what I practice is simple. If making a one on one approach, even to someone with Continue Reading

Video Interview with Lynda Dyer with Advice from the How to Series A

Lynda Dyer – Founder Mind Power GlobalBest Selling Author, NLP Master Trainer, Advice from How To Series A ABOUT The How To Series A Lynda Dyer’s How To Series will pull back the curtain on the most important thing you can do to help you achieve whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life… …and that’s helping you become a better you, a more focused you, a person who can finally convert all of those ideas you have, and channel it into a laser beam of energy that will help you direct your attention with a discipline and Continue Reading

Performance Leadership is Vital to Strategy Execution

Strategy is an undetailed plan of action to be implemented over a broadly defined period of time with the intention of achieving a defined (sometimes high-level) goal. In other words, you want to move your business from A to B within X amount of time and decide you will achieve this through several high-level areas of activity. But what about the people who will implement the strategy and perform the various activities, general and detailed, to help you achieve your goals? Where do they factor into the strategy equation? The answer is that in most businesses they don’t. The reason Continue Reading

Starting with the End in Mind – Exit Strategy Series | Introduction

Many SME’s have huge potential to grow into a big business. However the majority never achieve more than average results in the small business environment. Whilst the quality of the product or service and the skills of the founder are important, what makes the biggest difference is the ability of the owner to think like a large enterprise. The most fundamental way this is expressed is in the owner’s ability, and often discipline, to stop working ‘in’ the business and start working ‘on’ the business. Most small business owners are like politicians. They have some grand scheme of the world Continue Reading

Your Immediate Business Potential is the Average of Your Inbox

I made a startling discovery the other day as I reviewed my sent items and looked through my email archives.  We’ve all heard the concept that you become a product of your environment, and that your income will be the average of your five closest friends; or is it business associates? Revenue had taken a bit of a dip in recent months and I was contemplating why. This wasn’t the reason I went searching through my email program. It simply struck me, as I looked at the recipients, the number of email threads with specific people, and the number of Continue Reading

Positioning Your Start-up Using Blue Ocean Strategy – Part 1

By using Blue Ocean Strategy innovative start-ups can identify market spaces that have no competition, and in doing so render their traditional industry competition irrelevant. The basic premise of Blue Ocean Strategy is that every market can be segregated into both a red ocean and a blue ocean. Red oceans are consensus driven; more specifically a consensus that defines a default customer, the vendors and their expected behaviours and characteristics, and the type of product the market has to offer. You end up with a situation where everyone is doing the same thing with the same stuff, selling it to Continue Reading

How to Value a Family Office Database Resource – What to look for before you buy

I’ve discussed these elements before in other articles but a recent stream of questions from people in my network has prompted me to reiterate these points in a more summarised way and all in one place … eh … blog.  I trust this blog will help you to establish a value for a Family Office database resource you are considering purchasing, and also hope that as you explore family office databases you will quickly learn what makes them worth acquiring or not. More specifically I hope to provide in this summary basic insights into how to value specific Family Office lists Continue Reading

Blue Ocean Strategy Principles at Work in the Marketplace

Last month I was asked to present to a group of investment fund managers. The topic was how to leverage social business marketing so I did a little digging and found that besides a large amount of social media spam and some ‘analogue’ multi-modality marketing there are as good as no companies in this space truly engaging in social business marketing. I reflected on my experience in helping to develop Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) for start-ups and businesses seeking rapid expansion, and decided that this presentation was another opportunity to apply the BOS principles. Blue Ocean Strategy became a popular Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Family Office Database

As I have discussed in other articles there are many different Family Office list resources to choose from. Many are quite worthless, some are very good, and a few are outstanding. I trust the following will provide you with some guidance on how to tell which family office database resources are worth your investment, if you are looking to use them to compliment your efforts to raise capital, or perhaps enhance your marketing activities, within your company. Here are some basic criteria to watch out for when choosing a Family Office database resource: Reject web-only resources. If you cannot export Continue Reading