As I Reflect On My Youth

As I reflect on my youth I am reminded that it matters absolutely nothing what other people think of you. You will not be friends with everyone so don’t try. Determine your own course, be clear on what you love doing, then find ways to do it, and incorporate it in both your personal and professional lives. Continue Reading

Australia – Club Med for Asylum Seekers

There was a time in my life when I was so down, I was homeless, penniless and without any immediate means of supporting myself. Okay I was not being persecuted nor was I being slaughtered by rebel forces. However many so-called asylum seekers are also neither being persecuted nor are they being slaughtered by rebel forces. Many are simply the scum who ruin it for the rest, and create a negative perception amongst the good citizens of caring and great nations like Australia. A true asylum seeker, the ones who are being persecuted and slaughtered, not simply people looking for Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs, NOT Governments, Change the World

Firstly, thanks to Leela Cosgrove for the title. This article is adapted from my response to a thread on Facebook that read: if I see any more business, marketing, sales offers that are using the Qld Flood as a ‘hook’ in the sales pitch I will post the persons name on a SHAME page and delete them from my friends list. Plus send out several messages to all my other friends on an open wall post about the person. read more >>> OK. I’m probably about to put my head in the lions mouth so I’ll preface this by saying Continue Reading

Social Media Café Sydney with Thomas Power

THIS IS AN OFFLINE REAL WORLD EVENT Thomas Power is the Chairman and co-founder of Ecademy, the first online social business network. He is amongst the most connected people on the planet and considered an absolute authority on all things social media and social networking. Thomas is visiting Australian briefly in February. On 28th February you have the opportunity to learn from one of the leading authorities in social networking how to effectively deploy social media technologies to help you and your business succeed. Thomas will talk about technologies/services that include Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, YouTube, FriendFeed, and of course Ecademy. Continue Reading

Partners Sought for German Export Trade

A German export firm is currently entering into discussions with potential financial partners in Europe in respect of immediate and profitable opportunities in Australia, at the moment particularly in Sydney. Such arrangements could well be expanded to accommodate Australian participation. To that end, an enthusiastic and well experienced investment professional, or project promoter, or financier is sought for a joint venture, or partnership, type cooperation with the German principals. The current project involves real estate acquisition, as well project development, marketing, operation, and management. Australia is one of the few countries to have survived the international, financial crisis in excellent Continue Reading