Old school business continuity physical data backup

Unless like me you live your life in the cloud from the perspective of data, content, and communication you probably store a lot of data on your desktop or mobile computer. If this is the case, one of the biggest risks you run, whether personally or professionally is loss of your valuable data and digital assets. The only way to truly ensure that your data is safe (from the point of view of backup and restore) is to backup your data and remove it offsite. In the 90’s I founded and operated one of the first offsite data backup services Continue Reading

The irony of the obsession with experts in the modern day

I was talking with one of my leadership colleagues this morning and was reminded about the irony of the obsession that most businesses have with experts. Whether micro, SME or large enterprise, no sector is immune. The conversation also took me back to one of my pet dislikes about (warning: generalisation about to happen) the pontification of many who pass through the hallowed halls of academia. Non-experiential education at any level supplies information. Converting that information to knowledge, and beyond that to understanding requires action through which experience is gained. In other words it’s one thing to know the data Continue Reading

Why I don’t use Skype continued

I wrote a couple of articles back in January 2013 about my decision to uninstall Skype across all companies I am involved in and the journey I’ve had with the technology that lead to thi final decision. The original articles are: http://www.paullange.com.au/blue-ocean-strategy/no-more-skype/http://www.paullange.com.au/blue-ocean-strategy/r-i-p-skype/ A couple of months later the Sydney Morning Herald (the main broadsheet newspaper in Sydney, Australia) published an article about further security issues with Skype and how it leaks your location. In fact a year prior to the article in the SMH the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets had warned about the holes in Skype security. Continue Reading

Stop pitching or keep on swinging and missing

Stop pitching me and start your approach by asking yourself how you can add value to me before you reach out. I receive pitches daily from people peddling their services and wares. Nothing wrong with marketing your stuff, its the mechanism by which we spread our message. Just chose your marketing method, respectively platform, to suit the audience, or as my father once told me you cut the cloth to suit the man … no he wasn’t a tailor. My outlook on this and what I practice is simple. If making a one on one approach, even to someone with Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins, an inspired Entrepreneur on a Mission to Help Others What you will experience with Jairek Learn how to rapidly accelerate your results by: Creating a CLEAR and COMPELLING Vision for your life Designing a road map for the RESULTS you desire Creating the CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY it takes to achieve your DREAMS! Finding ABSOLUTE FREEDOM as you discover and Breakthrough the mental and emotional barriers that have been holding you back… and Best of all – discover how to take what you learn and put it into an achievable plan! FREE Gift As Jairek promised in the video Continue Reading

Work with people who believe what you believe

My wife Pauline recently saw a post on an Internet forum about a lady who worked at a catholic school. This lady is engaged to be married and recently discovered that she is pregnant. Her post discussed her fear about having her position at the school terminated, and sought advice because she had heard how other single mothers have had their employment terminated at other religion based schools because they were single mothers i.e. they would breach a (written or unwritten) clause of the school’s moral code. My first human reaction is one of outrage and damn the religious schools, Continue Reading

CleverX Factor Episode – Authenticity and Trust | The currency of strong and lasting relationships

About This Episode [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”vertical-curve-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ] Recorded On: 7th March, 2013   Special Guest(s): Michael Griffiths – Founder My Small Business Marketing GuruHelen Kerrison – Founder Insight in Business   Hosted By: Paul J. Lange – Chairman, CleverX Business Incubators   Episode Title: Authenticity and Trust – the currency of strong and lasting relationships   [/dropshadowbox] In an ideal business world we learn from our past behaviour. We identify the things that we have done that don’t serve us and we adapt to avoid repeating the actions. Authenticity and trust have always been the Continue Reading

The Colours of Marketing – Addendum

I recently wrote an article on the use of colours in marketing. The impact of colours on influence and buying decisions is huge and often hugely under-estimated. The guys over at Attwood Digital have come up with a very good infographic which they have kindly permitted me to share with you here. What I love about well constructed infographics like this one is they provide a lot of easy to understand information at a glance.    Continue Reading

You are much more than your past!

I was recently reminded how some people can’t look beyond what they (think they) know of your past and see that as a reflection of how and who you are now, and in some cases as a gauge of what your potential is in the future. What’s worse is that they may also tarnish in their own eyes any person you know simply because of your association with them. Personally I’ve made several mistakes in business and I’m not too proud to admit it. As I was being reminded of how small-minded some people can be, I thought to myself, Continue Reading

Do not ask me to Skype any more

As of 1st January 2013 all instances of Skype have been uninstalled in my businesses. For the foreseeable future you can connect with me on video via G+ Hangout. Pretty drastic or are you even thinking less flattering adjectives about me right now? Many years ago when Skype first launched I was a staunch opposer of its use in business. I then bowed to peer pressure in lieu of a viable alternative. G+ Hangout is not a viable alternative to Skype. It is a galactic leap in communication and collaboration. That’s the quick explanation. The long version is here. Video Continue Reading

R.I.P. Skype

Many years ago when Skype first launched I was a staunch opposer of its use in business. If solopreneurs and consultants wanted to use it that was fine, they took their own risks but as a business it was (and in fact really still is) quite silly. Back in the beginning Skype was very clear in their End User License Agreement (EULA) that they have the right to utilise your CPU power, RAM, and Internet bandwidth to convert your computer to a supernode. Did you even know your Skype software can become a silent server to allow any Skype user Continue Reading

What is an entrepreneur?

Sees something that can be done better and does it, either by innovating to improve the existing state or developing something completely new. Fails forward. Doesn’t ask permission! … if necessary , it’s better to ask forgiveness than to request permission! Adds value to others. Collaborates. Knows their reason why! Takes risks … educated risks! Believe in themselves and believe themselves to be the only true authority over what they do. As Albert Einstein said “To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.” Makes a difference in the world by making a difference in Continue Reading

Less Likely Epitaphs – How will your final farewell read

CONSIDER YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW BY IMAGINING YOUR DEATH How many death bed statements sound like this: “I wish I could have worked longer.” “I wish I could have been in the office more.” “I am going to miss those long commutes to work in the traffic jams every morning.” “I wish I could have created more debt to pass on to my heirs.” I’ve never heard of a single one. Studies show that people on their death beds are more occupied with the things that are most important to them (yes, there are even studies into that). Commonly people Continue Reading

TED Talking – 7 steps for delivering high quality content in public speaking

There is a lot of great content that comes out of TED.com. Most public speakers I know aspire to speak at TED one day (I know I will speak at TED one day soon) and understandably so when you see the quality of the people who are up there already, like Simon Sinek, Thomas Power, Steve Jobs, and Stephen Hawking to name a few. Apart from all of the post production editing that the boys and girls at TED do, there are 7 key insights they share to creating a great TED talk. The same points can and should be Continue Reading