Paul Lange

Creator of Total QX Methodology 

Exit Strategist | Speaker | Author

Helping you to create a lasting legacy and a business as a valuable asset that you can leverage and exit for ...


... more than you imagine.

How would you reimagine your business?

5 years from now ...

Where do you want your business to be?

What are you doing differently?

What are you doing the same?

Has your target market changed?

How is your business or brand perceived?

Do your staff love working for you?

Have you retained your best talent?

Are you close to exit?

What do you still need to transform?

Total QX Methodology helps you get clarity on these and many more questions, then create and execute actions that bring about the desired business transformation.

Let's be ... candid and factual


You're in business to take money! In fact you're in business to take as much money as you can. The more money you take, the more value you’ve delivered. If this resonates with you, and yours is a growth oriented business with the intention to scale faster than, and beyond, industry standard organic growth, let's talk!

Obstacles and opportunities

Irrespective of whether you're a growth-oriented small to medium business or (a division of) a large multinational there is always room for improvement; something that can and should be transformed.


Discover your blindspots and look for the opportunities in the obstacles.

The inspiring power of small

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Embrace it!!

Over the last three decades I've seen that it’s the small things we do that make the biggest difference.

Sometimes it's a tweak, the smallest turn of the dial, that delivers the most impact ... and it's the small things, hiding in plain sight, that are easiest to miss!

Interesting statistics

91.8% of businesses I've asked say, that operationally, their #1 commercial goal is they want clients to buy more, more often.


96.3% also want more clients.


100% said they would prefer new clients from direct word of mouth referrals than any other form of marketing.


Results like these are some of what "Inspired Business Process" delivers.

Would you rather take baby steps and achieve your desired results gradually, or make a quantum leap and fast track your business growth and profits?


Neither is right nor wrong, and neither is safer nor riskier than the other. 


It's a choice.

Your expectations fulfilled

When I seek advice I want and expect people to have the relevant industry knowledge and experience. I imagine you're the same. I have 30+ years business experience internationally, across multiple industries.

I guarantee I've seen whatever is causing you to lay awake at night, whether good or bad.

So working with me you can expect no BS! ... and it's important! Plus relevant experience, a personal connection and a sense of humour. Also I use a proven structured system, and processes, for delivering consistent results, designed to consistently improve your bottomline. 

Some of the reasons business people choose to work with me

These scenarios are typical of initial concerns that business leaders and owners have before we start working together.

Systemise to Scale

You have a great business and know it can be bigger, better and add value to more people! But how? How can you keep doing all of the stuff that people love you for, and grow that to a factor 10X or 90X?

Growth & Expansion

You want more clients, to spend more with you, more frequently, and tell others to do the same! Totally understandable! With so many possibilities of where to start, what should you focus on first?

Strategic Acquisitions

Organic business growth takes time. But you want to fast-track expansion! Maybe you can acquire a complimentary business. How do you structure a deal that's win-win without deep pockets?

Execute to an Exit

You're ready to continue your journey onto the next milestone in your business career. Which type of exit sets you up to take on the new challenges you want to pursue and how do you create that exit?

Commercial Negotiations

Some negotiations are tricky, delicate or complex; especially when you're so close to everything. When the deal is important, it makes sense to invest in experience to help you get it across the line.

Access Equity Capital

Your business has proven its viability, you're making sales, have some traction and a loyal following. Now you want to level up even faster. Private equity capital can help fast track your plans.

I work together with Experts, Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs and Educators to leave a lasting legacy.


Exit Strategist, Business Transformation Mentor, International Veteran Private Equity Industry, Futurist, Investor, Venture Capitalist, Investment Readiness Business Coach, Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Author

About my way of being

I get up every morning

to transform how the world works,

to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive,

so that more people live life and business

on purpose, with passion.

Some of the things I'm personally passionate about!

Education reimagined with 4P focus

Even the so-called future focused education systems fall short  society's needs in 30 years. I've imagined something different that meets what is to come.

Giving, so that life is good for everyone & all

The world has more than enough resources to provide every human with a good life, and respect people and the planet. The problem is one of distribution.

People who can be ... without thinking

A way of being that requires no judgement of self or others, avoiding the illusion of perception and both subjective and objective realities. It is what it is.

Spirituality, connecting to source

Whether you say God, Allah, spirit, source or something else, it makes no difference to me. We each have our own path. Here's an insight into my belief system.

Paul is the entrepreneurs entrepreneur and one of the great outside the box thinkers I know. Wherever you are at and wherever you want to go Paul is the strategist you need. I trust Paul with my clients which is the highest recommendation I can give.



Possibility Activist

Changing What's Normal

Paul surprises. Constantly, with humour and authenticity. In the business world he is an octagonal Rubrics Cube. When you think you know all the colours of one side, you realise you are only looking at a tiny piece of experienced based knowledge that is up to date and built on strong personal relationships.


Mindset & Accountability Coach

The Alpha Potential

Paul is a CAN DO, dynamic business mentor who will help you redefine and improve your! Highly recommended as a someone you need to take your business to the next level!





Business Growth Expert




10 pages of no bullshit expert advice from a 30+ year veteran of the private equity and venture capital space.


Steps to Securing Private Equity


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I’ve had two jobs in my life and have been unemployable for almost 30 years. The best definition I know for success is to live the life you choose mindfully and consciously. 


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